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executive matchmaking service South Africa

Professional matchmaking | Well established service

Professional matchmaking | Well established service

Today is South Africa’s Heritage Day which highlights the histories of all racial groups and recognises all the men and women who have contributed to the heritage and culture of the nation. Over the past few years South Africans have been re-branding Heritage Day as “National Braai Day”. Happy Heritage Day to you all.


Today would be the ideal day to have your braai master or braai lady with and spoil you. We all love tender loving care. The Only Social Club is a well-established matchmaking service in operation since 2005 for single professionals. The Only Social Club for all cultures of the nation. Your ideal partner/match is a step away; take that next step and stop procrastinating.

Questions you do not ask a date

1. Do I look fat?

2. What did you look like with hair?

3. How many lovers have you had?

4. How much can a partner at your law firm expect to make?

5. What is your ex like?

Professional dating service | Personalised matchmaking service

5 Tips to help you better yourself

Professional dating service | Personalised matchmaking service www.theonlysocialclub

We have all done it when we have had some problem or other. We usually end up confiding in the nearest person. Do they have the experience? How is their relationship/s? Do they have the knowledge? Do they have the tools? Most of the info received could be negative input. The friend/s may feel they are doing you a good service; however they could be doing you a dis-service and may be feeding you the incorrect info or may not have your best interests. Speak to the experts when you have a problem as they are the experts and can assist and help you.

1). Do you have an eating problem? Speak to a dietician.
2). Do you have a weight problem? Speak to a personal trainer
3). Do you have an addiction/s? Call helpline or speak to a therapist.
4). Do you have financial problems? Speak to a financial advisor.
5). Do you have relationship problems? Speak to a relationship coach.

Looking for an established dating/matchmaking service? Are you still single? Are you still looking in the wrong places? Are you still attracting the same type of person? Are you still doing the same things and getting the same results? Are you the person you could date? The Only Social Club is a professional dating service, a personalised matchmaking service catering to the professional single market who has your best interests. Make contact with The Only Social Club and join as a member.